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a new attorney general. >> reporter: president barack obama is motorcade reached woodside yesterday under the cover of darkness and the watchful eye of the secret service. he was among a dozen high tech executives for a private dinner to discuss innovation and private sector job growth. president barack obama wants to spend billions on high-speed internet clean energy and other programs. he says he served under bush's council meetings like this one and necessary to keep our country moving in the right direction. >> calle >> i think he should mingle with the people and those are good people. to keep the cutting edge and progress in technology. >> reporter: when he leaves on friday he will travel to or dent in woodside. --oregon-- >> james: we had this chance to speak with the tech analysts on why the president wanted to meet a zipper. >> caller: he represents the next generation of technology companies coming up. brent blends a demographic that has been very supportive of him. when he went through as election campaign. the audience has its massive mobilize civil. he could be one of h
approximately $315 million a day. president barack obama is watching the situation, he made that remark yesterday change was happening because the people want it. and then all of a sudden he refused to step down. he is 82 years old survived numerous attempts to its assassinations we will see what will happen. he says he will be in office until september when the elections take place. we will have much more on this throughout the morning. other news. what can be done to prevent another oil spill like the gulf of mexico disaster. national commission on the bp deepwater rise in oil spill, they will testify in this morning telling a subcommittee recommendation based on the final report which came all last month. this bill sent millions of gallons of oil into the gulf last summer. after a deadly explosion on a platform. the winning streak is over after eight days of gains the dow lost 10 points, at their markets closed on a positive note, s&p rose a point, the commerce department releases its latest trade data this morning. wall street journal is reporting blockbusters it is for sale after a
>> james: first lady michelle obama michele obama says her daughters are not on facebook. and she likes that. her girls have restrictions that other children do not have because of security measures. she adds she's not a fan of young kids having facebook. she thinks it's ok when you're older but not young. >> darya: the top three golfers will play head-to-head in the by this week. cnn had a chance to sit down with tiger 41 01 interview. tiger insisting it's not about golf. his priority is his children. >> whenever they wanted to we do. when i don't have them i can practice more about when they're around it's all about them. panama or they about into the gulf. two very different people. >> reporter: you just want to spend time with them? >> absolutely. spending time with your kids is far more important than anything you'd byou can do. it's so special. >> darya: he held the no. 1 ranking for 281 weeks. >> james: 7 day forecast as we had to break. today sunday upper 60s. we hold that pattern thursday, friday, saturday, sunday starts to change. a good chance of rain on monday. it may even l
returning after days of blood out. president obama says he spoke with the egyptian president and he recognizes the situation is dire, the status quo is no wonder system is sustainable. >> all of us her privileged to serve in political power do so at the will of our people through thousands of years egypt has known moments of a transformation the voices of the people tell us this is one of those moments enormous demonstrations by the people. we've borne witness to the beginning of a new chapter in history but a great country. >> the white house says one convoy that president obama this much urge him not to seek another term. stay with kron4 and for continuing coverage and we will have up to the minute details not only in our broadcast but the website as well. all eyes on the ground attack, they have no interest but to move their bodies it is freezing out there in pennsylvania. if phil, sees his shadow six more weeks of winter, something no one out there wants to see. we will let you know, we hope to bring you live coverage. we will be right back with the kron 4 morning
. they are disappointed after president obama as comments last week. they signed on to the idea of a gradual transition. protesters want something more immediate. i google executives is expected to go free today, he took part in the purchase reported missing on january 26th. he is head of marketing for the middle east and north africa. some egyptians met with them to explore way out of the standoff between protesters and the government. he is expected to be freed this afternoon. meanwhile, the egyptian pound is at its lowest level against the dollar. it is battering the economy around the world the dollar was trading at six egyptian pounds of banks reopened on sunday, stock exchange has now restarted. new details, east bay, oakland police are continuing to search for suspects who kidnapped a woman in an apartment complex. this average is down, a corner.this summer chasd cornered. she was reportedly assaulted and taken away. she turned up at a hospital last night. records show pacific gas and electric company boosted the pressure inside a pipeline before telling the state regulators. it is the highest r
and your forecasts coming up. other news, republicans are talking president obama is 3.73 trillion dollar budget proposal. they're planning to push their own package of cuts in domestic spending to the house today. they won $61 million in cuts to hundreds of programs. other cuts would be cause for programs feeding poor women and children, training for jobs, cleaning the great lakes. george bush will be among those receiving the highest civilian honor today. he will be granted and medal of freedom at the white house. that honor is given to individuals who make contributions to national security, culture, world peace. 15 people in all will receive medals of freedom today. a billionaire, a poet, a cellist, the medal of freedom the next highest civil honor. 140 school districts are meeting today, the bottom-up administration calls the meeting foresaid moment. it is billed as the first large effort to force schools to talk about student achievement. cracks are showing in the crowd lets work together let's work t, new york has 30 pulled out. already pulled out. this is video from december, the
egypt up rushing continuous. the latest on the protest. we will tell you how president barack obama is taking action. the husband of gabrielle gifford to is announcing a big decision today. we will find out if he will stay by his wife side as she recovers. to honor people evacuated from a complex in san jose after fire broke out about two hours ago. >> 7 day around the bay showing warm temperatures headed our way. it all starts today. >> alive look now at north out and southbound freight near. we'll have a check on your morning commute straight ahead. >> to wonder people are safe after evacuation from their housing complex at 2:00 a.m., it started in the laundry room in that emergency housing. we are headed there now we will have more on this later. beamubarak e upraising in egypt reporters on the scene say the radicals represent only a small part of the crowd of protesters. one expert says thousands of people that have taken to the streets are interested in democracy not religion. >> what's exciting about what's happening in egypt right now was these are young, a secular, democrati
are without power late now. >> president barack obama is supposed to sign the arms deal. it aims to reset ties with russia nonnuclear arms. it has been approved by russia's president becoming final when both sides exchange this signed papers. each country will be allowed 1550 strategic warheads. >> after years of and no change. undocumented workers may be on the rise. they found since 2009 the undocumented workers was unchanged. last year 11.2 million undocumented workers. they cite sour economy, but now there is improvement in the economy as well as the obama administration. california has the highest percentage of undocumented workers. >> 6:45 a.m., we will be back with more a couple minutes. the internet on a plane! are you from the future? um, no. cleveland. listen cleveland, your savings account is stuck in the past! earn more with interestplus savings at that's new school banking baby! so instead of making peanuts, your savings will be earning three times the national average. oops. sorry. three times more? i'll have that! it is now safe to go online to wh
are chanting down with america. they are disappointed after president barack obama is tough comments last week. they wanted gradual transition led by the vice president. a google executive is expected to go free today. he took part in the protest and was reported missing. nobody heard from him since january 27th, some leading egyptians have met with officials they were exploring a way out of the standoff between the protesters in the government. they have been negotiating the relief of him. he is expected to be freed within the next few hours. >> schedule on the bay whether area and traffic. we may be in for cool down today. >> significant cool down this morning mark. downtown san francisco clear shot free of fog. as we head into the afternoon significant cool them. the rest of the week we will stay dry. changes in store for the weekend. starting off with current temperatures '40's, 50's. '40's through oakland, 44 and livermore, low 50s and mountain view, san jose. this is how much cooler this about a 12 degree drop in san francisco, 21 degree drop in napa, through fear field and livermore 22
to hold steady. ship maker says its developing a new program. >> darya: president barack obama will be in the bay area. this is according to the chronicle they say the president, is going to be here on thursday for meetings with business leaders and technology. it is unclear whether these will be public, but this will be the first time that he visited since october of last year. >> james: vallejo was just in one of america's dying cities, by newsweek magazine. here's a look at the list news whips top five dying cities. they are second behind new orleans. city officials are calling follow. he says the list is wrong. the population is growing just not as fast as it used to. the list was based on census data and that shows the lay of had the biggest declines in the last 10 years. 6:13 a.m., we will be right back. >> darya: this is the calm before the storm. walnut creek here. unless you are listening to luisa it will be confusing. >> louisa: we are seeing left over raindrops' this morning and livermore, however elsewhere, looking dry. different towards the evening hours by 2:00 p.
, the obama administration, sorry. they're talking about the immediate resignation of the present possibly. how likely that is, nobody knows right now. the protesters there, you can see them there. they have brought supplies of water and food. they are attempting to stage protests until he is driven from office. they want to declare victory after these week and a half long demonstrations. intelligence agencies in the u.s. are drawing criticism that they failed to warn of revolts in egypt. the downfall of american allies as well. the ongoing crisis is costing each of $310 million a day. they were revising a forecast of the economic growth to 3.7% growth. most factories have been shut down as well. tours are also fleeting the country. >> 6:02 a.m.. there is of vital store it--story and the castro district. four fires in two days. will tran is at the scene. what happened? then i will surely worth the fire took place. it is at the front doorsteps of your week that barbershop. look at all of the charred debris in the front. fortunately the tendon in th--side poured water on it before it could s
in the way of slowing. public transit = great start. no problems. james? >> james: thank you, the obama administration is expected to release the findings of the 10 month investigation into the run away to hear this. it could address photoelectron explain their role in a series of safety recalls. it follows a string of high- profile reports of toyota is and whether their cars and suvs are accelerating at of control. there recalled 8 million vehicles 2008-2009 for defects related to gas pedals. coming up, big aspin for facebook. we'll tell you why the company may be leaving palo alto. a live look outside as we go. roof camera, it's not necessarily the cold but the wind. april your the outside rain now pretty breezy. but with more in a minute. >> james: 70 this afternoon, windy this morning, when it gets pretty strong out there. louisa is tracking now we'll visit with her in a bit. sunshine all week long. saturday, clouds, send a chance of rain.sunday a chance of rain. facebook will make an announcement later on this morning that it's moving its headquarters from palo alto to mellow part.
. the obama administration stands ready to eight libyans seeking to oust them longtime dictator. they're a longtime dictator. ir long time dictator. we are lg that the top prosecutor has as did the egyptian president from traveling abroad. the move today is the latest measure against them. the prosecutor ordered the assets of the ousted president his wife, two sons, their wives to be frozen. he stepped down february 11th at the end of 11 days of massive protests demanding his ouster. he is now believed to be living in seclusion with his family at a high end sea resort. new zealand's leaders as the earthquake that hit the city of christchurch could cost them around $59 billion. the prime minister announced a package of short-term measures worth about 90 million. analysts said it put the prospect of 12 billion. the trembler destroyed or damaged up to one-third of the buildings in the city. 148 people killed, officials expect the number to go up. sambar in a gas pipeline explosion, federal investigators--san bruno gas pipeline explosion, investigators are holding an investigation includi
the federal structural. >> isabel: but constitutional law professor says the obama administration to stop defending the difference of america act dublin helps those. >> the more people that agree the more solid that opinion looks. here you have the attorney general who is a big player says a week to interview. we cannot trent defend thisthe fedy longer. >> gary:--defend this and the locker. >> reporter: they're waiting for a a decision on whether not the connection different rows fate. >> other cards are waiting to see that this distinction is not a constitution the lombard there is a denial of this in california the marcilio looks. as other states are too quickly. >> by letting them go ahead to it in the battle over profit eight to the u.s. supreme court which the u.s. supreme court says they would be reluctant to do before they carefully crafted their ruling. >> will: gay and lesbian couples will soon have the same rights as unmarried partners in hawaii. the governor signed a bill into law allowing several unions, it will take affect children first 2012. paul white will become the seve
expected. meanwhile, up president barack obama is compromising as many grapple with budget problems. scott walker in wisconsin is engaged we will see how it plays out. (music) and then that we are back. irain coming down. this is video shot at 5:00 a.m.. flattest is the latest on the fourth half if the morning. >>louisa: good morning. i want to talk about winds. we are talking about the strong winds. the winds are at 28 mi. an hour. they are further north. that the sfo we are getting 40 mi. per hour. we are getting dust worth up to 30 mi. an hour other places. heavy downpours in wine country. snow in lake county. as we take into the sf bay into gilroy we are getting heavy downpours as well. we're looking at rain pushing on true. picking up the downpour's is south san francisco. light showers are starting to pick up. we have a band of rain. the 37 torts like hell and we do have winter weather advisories to talk about. the diablo range and later into today there's a better chance of seeing sales dropped down to 1,000 ft.. we could pick up about an inch of snow fell at the 1,000 ft. level. 9
. lawmakers face a deadline to approve the state budget today. president barack obama will send a message of compromise some grumbling with huge budget gaps. he urged them to avoid public confrontation that scott walker is handling in of wisconsin. coming up on morning news we are tracking the big story, the story that is taking place, rain is coming down at this time, snow could be headed away it will be below freezing sunday. golden gate bridge no problems going for marin county to san francisco pie. >> will: this is video of tennessee, they had a lightning storm overnight. tennessee, arkansas saw that. rain and winds up to 90 mi. an hour. knocking out power toppling trees. farther north to severe winter storms hit minnesota, wisconsin, and ohio. this is bellevue near omaha. meter allegis said white out conditions in some areas temperatures stay below freezing boston with lows in the teens. forecastemperatures. let's get r forecast, nebraska has 23 degrees, maybe on sunday morning we could see 23? >> louisa: we will notice some really cool the air, moving into night into tomorrow right
to submit questions starting at 10:00 a.m.. president barack obama once nearly all americans that access to speak-e wireless. he's promoting the plan in a small midwest city that's becoming for a model for how it can be bringing prosperity. he had to marquette, high-tech wireless initiatives and action talk about his new plan to expand access to high-speed wireless to 98% thousands of conservative backing gives are in d.c. for the annual conservative political action conference. this is video of last year's event that attracted many people. floes canada is looking for the gop will appear at this year's event. however, the surveillance will not be there, the three day conference feature speeches, strategy, opportunities for networking. it wraps up on saturday. a married congresswoman has resigned in the midst of a scandal. in a statement christopher lee says he cannot allow this destruction to continue. the gossip website says he said ensures reciprocity of himself to a woman on craig's list. he also apologizes for what he calls " profound mistakes to his family, staff, and citrus groves.
. president obama is meeting with leaders today to talk about the budget. he's warning congress not to send a spending bill with drastic cuts. it is needed to get the government operating past march. the republican option would be to cut $61 billion. something the president does not want to see. such cuts would try and agencies and not, forcing states to lay off more workers. the president's proposed transformation budget panel's big money to projects kron4 is christine connolly shows as they will gain millions. >> reporter: the brodericks skinni project that stands to gn the most money is muni. the project is set to be completed in 2017, here you can see a map of the subway. it will connect chinatown to the giants' ballpark. the president's budget proposal includes money from the rapid transit project. it is expected to cost 1.2 million. it would add bus lines to van ness between mission and lumber. the bar- san jose project is included, it could gain 1.3 million in fines.funds. on this map, you see where we go, from bart in fremont to that bay area said area of san jose. >> james: wall s
against president obama as health-care plan. it claims that it violates religious freedom. the case was one of several lawsuits filed against a lot. the federal judge is the third to dismiss it. to republicans have ruled part or all of that law unconstitutional. congratulations to from the white house to the khmer dialect.mayor dialect. elect. tt said he could not be prouder of his friend and fellow chicagoan. he needed 51 percent of the vote. if he got it. he was chief of staff he resigned to run for mayor and she got it. former reporter supervisor is back in public office to the palace was hired as the chief attorney he solved as public defender from 91 to 2000. his experience in the corporate debt city hall read him a good fit. good solace replacethe co-founder ofp party is running to become sampras discussed the next share. --the co-founder of the green party is running to become sick from cisco's suresay francisco'shirt.shareshn the aftermath and the search for survivors coming up. the u.s. issues in the evacuation order and libya. it is getting more and are violent. >> james:
.f the obama administration will release a 10 month investigation into the runway toyotas. it could address whether faulty electronics played a role in the series of safety recalls. the study was conducted by the department of transportation and nasa follows high profile reports of cars that were decelerating out of control. they recalled 8 million vehicles, for defects related to gas pedals. >> lousia: starting off with some gusty winds out there. everybody dealing with wind. we have advisories' posted for some locations. a shot of the airport you can see the camera shaking around. by this afternoon temperatures will be much cooler than yesterday. we do have a chance of rain in this forecast for the weekend. your wind advisory for the adults at until 7:00 p.m., keeping gusty winds around for a good part of the day. --for the delta--the cost could reach up to 45. everywhere starting off with windy weather. 26 mi. an hour winds at this hour at sfo. 15 for napa, 26 fairfield, these are sustained winds we are getting stronger best. current temperaturegusts.y temperatures upper 40's low 50s. 54
to see if president barack obama saw facebook movie. as part of his dialogue with the community. >> mark: we will be right back after this break. >> mark: allin a reminder. herculeses backdrop will go live to jackie in talked to him in a moment. also watching wall street, we had a job in americans filing for unemployment last week appeared and fears of inflation. is that the person who won the dog show? >> darya: is that. probably. >> mark: handshakes all around. >> darya: as you can see everywhere is dark, cloudy, rainy. leave extra time we have been tracking the storm appeared it has been a mover all through the night and today. >> louisa: some viewers have been woken up to hail. it happened to a lot of folks this morning. we are seeing some clearing along the peninsula. as you head to the north bay. very active weather, especially through the napa area. reports of pale for napa this morning, and may actually get more. now about moving towards some fairfield, towards the back the bill. it looks like it is the most severe weather we are dealing with. the east bay drying out, still havin
. this is a federal statute they are unrelated. >> james: the spokesperson says president barack obama is grappling with his personal view. but as always it ithe gove widely allow same-sex marriages. this will be the seventh state. five other states allow same-sex marriages. back in california a major fire destroys a pipeline company appeared in sacramento. dozens of firefighters were called last night, they tried to fight the flames from last night but it was too big and too hot. they're forced to back out and fighting from outside. no injuries were reported the causes under investigation. in southern california more search warrants involved. to homes connected to a former top official. erica is one of several of them who earned bloated salaries. he was director of general services. he at this point is not accused of wrongdoing. the man suspected of masterminding and robert russo has been hospitalized after becoming ill. he complained of chest pains during a lunch break yesterday, the hearing was set to determine whether he should stand trial. it was adjourned for the day. he's been been put into
-- palace and it has the protesters upset. president grant obama is expressing impatience. he says that men are failed to prepare a statement to and it needed changes. the ship's main opposition leader is now warning of potential violence and rest. he says that america is gambling with his country. he is worried that america it is one to be at hand. >>james: we're also fallen foes. i want to bring one at that we find seconds ago. they are saying he is throwing his weight behind. they want a gradual transition of power. anything more than that will cause instability. the military is endorsing the plan. so far that is where they stand. he knows what will happen as the protests continue throughout the day. they are questioning the decision. they have questions whether he is credible to begin with. yesterday he challenged it government to explain his path to democracy it to the world. this is a global issue. egypt popular uprising shows that a new middle east is rising. one that has no signs of israel and u.s. interference. very it western sentiment against. i want to show you this photo. the l
barack obama, and jerry brown appeare.e were found this morning, they said both must die. spray- painted near by were at third death threats that were found last month. >> mark: looking at markets in looks to be down day. we will be right back. >> mark: futures are pointing lower today, real concern about what is happening in the middle east. with libya as the 18th largest oil producer and the and rushed unrest there. wal-mart with disappointing earnings as well. it could be it big drop today, we will bring you numbers through the morning. watching the drop in temperatures in the meantime, alive look from mt. tam and san francisco. we have storms on the way. >> louisa: we are keeping the words no close. later today we will see temperatures warm up, today could be the warmest day of the week however we are starting with cold temperatures expansion in the north. the end of the week we see storm pushing and bring cold temperatures with that. watching snow levels in keeping a close eye on that. this morning right around freezing in san rosa, napa, over fairfield 33, 34 concord, livermore 36.
is not too bad. that is all changing minute by minute. headlines around the bay, president obama will be in the bay area today technology leaders including facebook founder. the visit will focus on job creation, as part of the ongoing dialogue with the business community. the present is set to arrive 5:00 p.m. travel between san francisco and the big easy to study this year. more than five years after united airlines suspended the service they announced their first direct flight since hurricane katrina. truck service had been suspended immediately following the hurricane will resume with the flight departing from new orleans. we will watch for it to arrive. new details on another auto recall. honda is recalling 7000 vehicles worldwide. three models to fit, freed, city cars have defective springs words that may cause the engine to stall. one engine 22,000 of those vehicles are in north america. the national retail federation expects sales to rise 4% this year that would be the biggest increase since 2006 that would be higher than the past decade's average annual growth rate by les
of their president. >> the obama administration publicly condemned the ongoing violence in egypt. they're calling for quick end. were the 1900 u.s. citizens have left egypt since this began. kron4 spoke to a foreign exchange student who is concerned about all of this. excited of the prospect of a resolution, but first an oakland woman who first returned home from egypt just down. >> it was amazing, it was like for to the movie. we saw a number of burned vehicles, lots of tanks, police headquarters, people on the roof shooting. i am just really got rear home! >> i'm excited to go back to egypt, to vote for my first time for next president. because, i am sure, this time we will choose our destiny. my vote will count! >> stay tuned to kron4 for the developing story in egypt, we will follow it all morning long. also on our website for the day stay tuned, more delays, cancellations expected at airports to date. because of all that weather back east. another big storm is headed to texas, video out of chicago, hundreds of drivers trapped for more than six hours last night. you see all of
against the obama administration's health-care overhaul. calling it unconstitutional a requires people to buy health insurance is.. the administration will appeal this, altman winding up at the supreme court. >> we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments. there are calling it a much of millions, people have made it known for a week that they want change, after almost 30 years of the same president rolling. they're calling for an orderly transition and free elections in september. >> uncertainty is in the air in egypt, this soldier is another world out, and afraid crowd. . your armed forces will not use violence against these great people. >> adding fuel to the fire, the government house stop trains, closed banks, black hair itself on an interview that service. stores closed making it impossible to get food, gas, some are sharing with each other. >> my neighbor give us food, water. >> the state department is working to get as of the v- chip, one family reunited did not think this moment what happened. >> i know there will be protest i d
employees the budget battle is in confined to the midwestern state president obama has joined a conversation imperious >> >> reporter: you think this is just a narrow budget fight think again. some of what i heard coming at of wisconsin weather just making it harder for public employees to bonded general. >> it's more of an insult and unions. >> the president knows wisconsin is just round one. so he sent his efforts at political team organizing for america to help build even larger crowds. , officials are going to take the purchase to ohio, indiana and other big battlegrounds. >> it's just a start. this is payback. >> reporter: teachers are being unfairly prejudiced 41 cuts. war and a pocket for the care. losing bargaining rights for both. sparker is staring at a 35 $6 billion state but the deficit says he needs to cut somewhere he's getting air cover from john painter who like the president knows wisconsin is just a proxy for their own showdown. when funding runs out and the shutdown is looming. >> he was elected to lead not to run the same lines. they believe democrats are trying to top
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